Enhancing Home Decor with Sea Shell Crafts


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You can even buy night lights and lamps made with authentic shells to bring a warm Situs Judi Slot Online Gampang Menang Bonus New Member, soft light to any room. There are so many sea shell to choose for crafting-includes wall decor, wine holders, and chandeliers that are made with fox shells and Irish deep, lion’s paw, lambis seashell, and more.

When you surround yourself with these sea shell crafted decor, there is no need to go on vacation-or you just might become more inspired to go plan your

The easiest way to achieve a beach or seaside vibe in your space-even if you live far from the water-is to decorate it with sea shell crafts.

Having these beautiful shells around your home can make you feel like you’re on a holiday every day. If you love the sea or just want a reminder of your favorite beach destination, then strategically displaying sea shell crafts around your city apartment or country cottage is a great way to bring you back to the ocean in a hear

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Displaying a few of these shells in your living room, bathroom or kitchen will instantly add a touch of nature and warmth to your home. Why not hang a wind chime made with high-quality sea urchins, Asian moon scallops, Samar conch, capiz, and screw shells? A capiz tissue holder or waste basket can also add a touch or elegance to your bat


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The products should be harvested safely. Stay away from businesses that abuse these beautiful sea products. Remember, most of the oxygen we breathe comes from under the sea so it is vital that we take care of the ocean as much as pos

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When purchasing sea shells or byproducts such as jewelry, home decor, and accessories, make sure that the store you are buying from is fully compliant with the regulations of the United States Fish and Wildlife Depar

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